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  • Clarification for new users

    Hello Dimes! How are you? I decided to write a little to clarify some doubts that you have about what is happening with Dimecoin ... There are people who have been here a long time, others have just joined the community and may feel lost with so much information (three groups discussing Dime, two sites about Dime and anyway ... a lot to digest).

    First I want to make it clear that we are members of the Dimecoin community. I especially accompany Tell me a long time since when she returned with Peme ...

    Dimecoin is a free currency, (like Linux) opensource. Dimecoin was abandoned since 2013 the original developer was gone and the community took control of the currency with Peme ... that in June 2017 began to develop the currency, update their codes working the currency for the future promising ... In November Peme posted in the forum that had finished the portfolio and that was in the stage of tests to release a new version. Then Peme disappeared (rumors that he came to die) very sad! We believe that the Tell me currency has great potential and that it may grow in the near future, when it is assumed by a responsible developer who is committed to the community and is professional. So I bought Dimecoin, "I have a few million saved.

    In early January (those who are here the longer they will understand) we realized that the community grew and we began to believe that some developers had actually taken over the currency for improvements and a future project. We waited for a week and nothing happened ... We questioned, we suggested, tried to help and according to the CEO of the currency the team was complete composed of 8 programmers and a team who were working at full steam to deliver the portfolios, a new website and that Dimecoin would grow very fast inducing new community participants to invest. With this, "marketing by word of mouth" made many people invest in Dimecoin, we reached two satoches in a week, but after creating an amateur site, we investigated further and there was no developer involved in the project, or rather there was only one project. Anyway, this first team gave the control to the other members that later gave to Ryan.

    We realize that the same promise of development is being made by Ryan, he says he has a team and owns the currency, but we know that the currency is from the community, he asks for donations, but he is not a developer. So far only the site is ready and he calls himself CEO of Dimecoin, I checked his profile on LinkedIn and there is no profile, only that he is CEO of Dimecoin, remembering that profile was created this week ...

    We are observing and ask you to only invest in currency if you are sure and very confident in the developers ...

    We are a part of the community that disapproves of what is happening in the so-called "official" community because we believe that Dimecoin can be strong and great in the future. Not just a pump coin and dump where people buy to make quick profit and many are fooled by not knowing the real motives behind the "owners" ending the currency's reputation and hampering long term growth.
    So I suggest you follow our chat, and watch to trust to invest.

    We are the community! Dimecoin is from the community, we just want to make progress !!! And we will have a great future!

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    I enjoyed reading. DIME has many years of history. Keep us informed on your experience with DIME in the coming months please.