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A community driven store and use of value.

Dime Coin holders create the true value of Dime Coin. The belief of long term value management, secure transactions, and continuous integrity propels the coin's value.

Dime Coin (DIME) is inspired by Quark and uses a SHA-3 hashing algorithm for mining. It is one of the more innovative cryptocurrencies and is ASIC resistant. This means it can be mined with a CPU or GPU after the introduction of Scrypt ASICS. Dime Coin is probably one of the most undervalued cryptocoins on the market.

Circulating Supply: 539,096,740,560 DIME

DIME Coin Updates:

Roadmap (Jan 10th, 2018)

New Telegram Community Channel:

Telegram: DIMECoinTalk


Q: People are asking for donations to develop DIME?
A: Yes, we have noticed various people asking for donations in DIME/BTC/DOGE to develop DIME. Please do not pay anyone to develop DIME. The community has a lot of talent to accomplish DIME goals. We believe these are scam attempts.

Q: What happened between January 1st and 15th, 2018?
A: We believe a group of individuals used a new logo, chat group, and social media to inflate the price of DIME with new investors (without any code improvements). The result is a large loss of trust in DIME due to the recent issue.

Q: What does HODL, FUD, FOMO mean?

A: HODL: A famous crypto misspelling of HOLD or HOLD your investment.

A: FUD: Short for "fear, uncertainty, and doubt."

A: FOMO: Short for "fear of missing out" on an investment.


DIME Coin is Always One Step Ahead

Community Development

A flourishing community building strong relationships of value!

ASIC Resistant

Mine with a CPU or GPU after the introduction of Scrypt ASICS.

Quark Infusion

Inspired by Quark and uses a SHA-3 hashing algorithm.

Exchange Trading

The world's favorite exchanges are adding DIME.

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